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    Wow, only two months to notice this message.  I'm doing pretty good, huh?  I just this morning found a Marlin Youth Model 336 and it just seemed to fly up to my shoulder.  Not really a fan of the laminate stock but, I suppose they are better in the weather.
    I've got to admit I'm concerned with buying any firearm on a 4473 in this political climate.  I'm thinking I'll look around among coworkers and friends and see what I can turn up.
    Thank you for the offer.  I don't know when I'll be travelling that way but, I'll keep your offer in ind.
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    Reply from FXDXT:

    I've seen that Youth model and it is a nice gun....for hunting I really kinda like that laminated stock....

    Heading for Pa. next week to hunt deer.  Already have one nice doe form down there with a muzzle loader...


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